Our Story

Sabrebond Ltd trading as Doorbell World and Windup Doorbells

Sabrebond Limited is a family run business which was established in Sheffield in 1986.  During this time we have gained a wealth of knowledge in doorbell systems and we offer our own Doorbell World brand with some of our products designed and developed dating back 50 years.  Other recognised leading brands are selected to offer various levels of functionality and different price points so there is always a product that is right for our customer and we support all these brands with advice and warranties.

Our unique doorbells and chime units combine traditional and modern designs with wireless technology making stylish products that are easy to install and compliment homes and businesses of any age.


Windup Doorbells and Twist Doorbells

As part of our unique range of doorbells and door chimes we have purchased the Imperial mechanical windup doorbell which was a product designed and manufactured in the 1950's.  This product has stood the test of time and has changed very little in the last 70 years.  To compliment the mechanical windup doorbell we have also added some unique products manufactured in brass and supplied from India.  These are very popular as they are highly decorative and compliment properties displaying that extra bit of finesse.

For more information on wireless and wired decorative doorbell please visit our main site www.doorbellworld.com

Thank you and enjoy our products.